Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) participates in the Erasmus+ programme and welcomes students from universities with whom BME has bilateral agreements. BME currently has approx. 775 bilateral agreements with about 335 universities. If you are considering applying please check whether your home institution has a bilateral agreement with the relevant department of BME.


For applications to be valid, students need to be nominated by their home institution and students have to submit their online application. 
Nominations by sending institutions are accepted for one semester or for a full academic year (fall and spring semester) but students’ online applications and online course registration can be submitted always only for the upcoming semester.
For application information please click here.
For course offers of the upcoming semester please click here.

Erasmus+ (INCOMING)


Civil Engineering:  Dr. Balázs KÖ

Mechanical Engineering: Dr. István BÍRÓ |

Architecture: Dr. Ágnes Gyetvai Balogh |

Chemical Technology and Biotechnology: Dr. Zoltán HELL |

Electrical Engineering and Informatics: Dr. Péter KISS |

Transportation and Vehicle Engineering: Dr. Ádám TÖRÖK |

Economic and Social Sciences: Dr. Sarolta TÓVÖLGYI |

Natural Sciences: Dr. Pál HEGEDÜS

Centre for Modern Languages: Dr. Ildikó FURKA |


TRAINEESHIP: Please, send your CV to the relevant Faculty Coordinator and discuss possibilities.