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General Instructions:

The Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of Science & Technology,
Government of India, New Delhi and the National Research, Development and
Innovation Office (NRDIO) conduct the industrial research and development
projects in the framework of Indian-Hungarian Science and Technology
Cooperation Programme to promote bilateral scientific collaboration between Indian
and Hungarian scientists. Applications are invited from eligible Indian researchers
/scientists to submit proposals for Joint Research Projects under the collaboration.

The main objective of the call is to foster competitive RDI projects based on mutual
professional advantages and implemented in Hungarian–Indian cooperation which
generate new or further developed, market-oriented technologies, products and
services. Projects shall represent clear competitive advantage and added value.
Applications shall be submitted with identical professional content by both the Indian
and the Hungarian partners in their own countries. Unilaterally submitted applications
will not be accepted.

Types of activities to be funded: Joint research projects

Description: Grants for Joint Research Projects are meant to promote collaborative
projects with clearly defined goals involving at least one Indian and one Hungarian

 Applications should describe ambitious research and propose innovative

 In case of application oriented proposals, applications should include a detailed
dissemination plan specifying how project findings will be used for the benefits
of the community, e.g. through incorporation into products and services.

 Depending on the complexity of the projects, the designation of a project
coordinator ensuring coherence, consistency in the consortium, management of
the project budget and responsibility for the timely delivery of reports and for
maintaining communications with the Programme Management, may be

 The forming of inter- and multidisciplinary research teams and linkages to
industrial partners (end-users) are highly encouraged.

Focus areas of the call:
 Biotechnology, including agriculture and food industry
 Information and communication technologies
 Renewable energy
 Water management and water cleaning

Duration: 36 months

Funded activities:
 Applied with relevance to industry research and experimental development
 intellectual property protection
 communication (dissemination) of project results
 project coordination

• To further research advances and knowledge production within the priority areas
• To create synergies across borders and institutes
• To benefit from pooled research efforts and expertise

Eligible costs:
A detailed budget shall be required. Requested budget items must relate to the project
research activities.

Allowable budget items:
• Travel expenses including living cost/per-diem etc. connected to project related visits
as per the guidelines
• Consumables required for doing the proposed research
• Manpower costs (In India) as per DST norms, support would be available for Junior
Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow
Due justification / basis for calculations be given for all budget heads.

Eligibility :

Projects must be conducted by collaborating Indian and Hungarian scientific
research teams. Each research team must be led by a Principal Investigator from each
country. The Principal Investigator (PI) and other investigators should be scientists/
faculty members working in regular capacity in UGC recognized Universities/ Deemed
Universities/ Academic Institutes and National Research & Development Laboratories/
Institutes. It is preferred that a member of the project team may be designated as Co-

Each project will include exchange visits of the cooperating scientists in accordance
with the needs of the joint research program.
Evaluation and selection:
Applications submitted under the categories Joint Research Projects and Institutional
Networked Projects shall be reviewed by two independent expert committees, one in
India, coordinated by DST, and one in Hungary, coordinated by the Research,
Development and Innovation Office (NRDIO).
Based on the comments of their reviewers, DST and NRDIO shall both elaborate a list
of recommendations. Applications to be funded shall be placed in category A,
applications considered for funding (reserve list) in category (B) and applications to be
rejected in category C.

Intellectual Property Rights:
Intellectual property rights resulting from the cooperation shall be protected and
exercised in accordance with respective national legislation and international
agreements of both countries.

Application deadline and time schedule for evaluation:
Completed applications must be received not later than 11th March 2020. Late and
incomplete applications shall not be accepted. The tentative time scheduled for
implementing the proposals received under IHSRF (Indo-Hungarian Strategic Research

Fund) is as below:

Last date for acceptance of applications: 11th March 2020

Deadline for evaluation by each side: within eight weeks of call closing
Joint suggestion on the final decision by both sides: within 2 weeks of completion of

Discrepancies, ambiguities, inconsistencies, errors or omissions in an
The Indian and Hungarian Governments will not accept responsibility for any
misunderstanding arising from the failure by an applicant to comply with the guidelines,
or arising from any ambiguity, discrepancy, error or omission contained in an
Applicants are responsible for ensuring the correctness, sufficiency and eligibility of
their submitted application. If an applicant discovers any material discrepancy,
ambiguity, inconsistency, error or omission in their application, they must immediately
bring it to the attention of the Department by email to ujjwala@nic.in
The Department may request further information from an applicant or referee and allow
an applicant to remedy any errors, omissions etc in an application at any time, including
after the round closing date. The Department reserves the right to consider new
information regarding matters referred to in the original application at any time,
including after the round closing date.
The Department reserves the right to allow applicants to correct errors or omissions in
submitted applications. On these matters the Department’s decision will be final. No
correspondence will be entered into in relation to the decision other than to inform the
applicant of the decision.

Note: Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence.
Please note that on the Indian side applicant already implementing two projects
funded by the International Division of DST is not eligible to submit the project
against this call.

Guidelines for Proposal Submission:

 The deadline for the submission of proposals 11th March, 2020.

 The Indian researchers can download the proposal formats from website
www.onlinedst.gov.in after registering themselves (if applying for the first time)
and should submit completed application form and all relevant information.
Proposals must be submitted to DST through the e-application system provided
at www.onlinedst.gov.in. Indian Applicants are also requested to send two
hard copies to DST by 11th March, 2020 through proper channel. It should be
ensured that application with identical title has been submitted by his / her
Hungarian counterpart to NDRIO by due date.

 Please remember to upload 6 documents before “SUBMIT” the final proposal.

So make it ready (in the formats given below) before submitting.
i. Biodata of the PI (in pdf, Max size 800kb)
ii. Conflict of Interest (in pdf, Max size 800kb)
iii. Certificate from PI (in pdf, Max size 800kb)
iv. Endorsement from Head of the Institute (in pdf, Max size 800kb)
v. Complete proposal (in pdf with max size 5mb)
vi. Complete proposal (in doc with max size 5mb)

 Proposal submitted only on one side will not be considered.

 Hungarian Principal Investigators need to submit proposals with a matching joint
research project plan to NDRIO simultaneously. Hungarian Researchers are
requested to contact NDRIO for their application submission period, documents
to be submitted etc.

 Soft copies of the proposal should be sent to ujjwala@nic.in and hard copies of
proposal should be submitted to the following address:
Dr (Mrs) Ujjwala Tripti Tirkey,
Scientist 'F'/Director, Room No. 19-B, S&T Block I,
International Cooperation (Bilateral), Department of Science and Technology,
Technology Bhavan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi 110016
Tel: +91 (0)11 2659 0377; +91 (0)11 2686 4642 ; Email: ujjwala@nic.in.

For application format, please see
International Cooperation (Bilateral) at