General procedure for visa application in case it is required for you:

  • You need to apply for a D-type visa.
  • Bring your letter of acceptance
  • In Neptun please register for your term with Active (International program) status, and  if you need it you can download and print ‘Certificate to enter Hungary’ document in Neptun.
  • Submit ‘E027 Request for a certificate’ in Neptun to which your student status certificate will be attached (for the Hungarian immigration authorities).

If you arrive by plane, you will fly to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 2A or 2B. The city is approximately 20 km-s from the airport. There is an Airport Minibus Service available at both terminals, which takes you to the address you provide. There is also taxi service, which is safe with fixed price and also cheap public transportation (bus lines 100E and 200E) directly between the airport terminals and the city centre.

We advise you not to change money at the airport, since the exchange rate there is quite bad, we suggest you to use ATMs instead.

More information on Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport can be found on its website.

Accommodation information

There is no dormitory provided for exchange students, so you are responsible for your own housing. At the same time, you can request for help from our local mentor Teams.

Erasmus students: flats@esn.bme.hu

International students: International Mentor Team

You may also look around on this webpage (it is in Engish) : https://en.alberlet.hu/

This is also a very popular website where Hungarians are renting out their flats: https://ingatlan.com/ but it is in Hungarian, so use the keywords below.

You can also look around for flats in Facebook groups. In case you are searching for Hungarian Facebook groups, you can try with the following keywords:

Hungarian English


for rent




university students


for university students

rented flat


rented flat





city centre


Student ID

If you have European Union or a European Economic Area citizenship, please bring your home university’s valid student ID card with you and make sure, that both the issue and expiry dates are written on it and it includes a photo of you. In other cases, buy an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) at home.

If this case does not apply to you, temporary student ID can be requested with E066 request in Neptun, so you can buy student monthly pass for Budapest public transportation and enjoy other student discounts.

If you need a temporary student ID certificate (temporary student card) then please submit an „E066 Request for temporary student certificate” request at Administration/Requests/Available request forms/ E066 Request for temporary student certificate and click Submit request at the bottom.

If the status of your E066 request in Neptun (under Administration/Requests/Submitted requests) is ‘Approved’ or ‘Approved and closed’ then your student ID certificate signed digitally is attached to your request and can be downloaded from there. Please note that BME CAO’s digital signature is as valid as the responsible coordinator’s handwritten signature and stamp.

Please also note that the first certificate cannot be issued earlier than September 6th and the issued certificates are valid for 60 days. In case you need a new one, please submit a new request again.

Residence Permit, Registration Certificate

Please be aware that once you have been registered at BME, you are obliged to register yourself (for EEA citizens) or apply for residence permit (for non-EEA citizens) in Hungary depending on your citizenship. Your student status certificate valid for the autumn term and needed for your registration or residence permit application, will be issued from Neptun after submitting an „E027 Request for a certificate. Please select General student status certificate from the Type of certificate options.

If the status of your E027 Request for a certificate” is ‘Approved’ or ‘Approved and closed’, then your student status certificate is issued in English (for the Hungarian immigration authorities) and signed digitally. You may also download it in case needed. Please note that BME CAO’s digital signature is as valid as the responsible coordinator’s handwritten signature and stamp.

Please read the details of your registration or application for residence permit on the website of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing carefully and act according to the instructions written there.

Health Insurance Information

Please note that for your registration or application for residence permit at the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing you have to purchase a local health insurance package if you have no health insurance coverage (health insurance package or EU health insurance card) valid in Hungary during your studies at BME.

Public Transportation in Budapest

Please read the details of the public transportation system in Budapest on the website of the Budapest Transportation Co. (BKK)