145 students from 35 countries received their degrees at the graduation ceremony of BME’s English-language programmes.

The graduates received their diplomas from the representatives of their respective faculties in the Assembly Hall of BME’s Central Building on 16th February. Several distinguished ambassadors of the graduates’ home countries have honoured BME with their presence. The event was also broadcasted online. BME published the Graduates' Yearbook with the farewell messages of the university's leaders and the names and photos of all the graduates.

„Since we spend most of our lives working, it is essential that we love what we do in order to gain positive impulses that make every day colourful. With your BME Degree, I am sure each of you will be able to choose from a wide range of career options the one that will motivate you, bring you success and most importantly joy.” – emphasized Emilia Csiszár, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs. Professor Csiszár added: “I sincerely hope that you have gained pleasant memories at this university and that you will fondly remember your second home, Budapest. Based on your good experiences you can help others to also make the right choice about their higher education by telling them about our University, and that studying for a diploma at BME is a worthy pursuit, both at bachelor Master or a PhD level”

The Alumni Guest of Honour of the event was Professor Hassan Charaf, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. Professor Charaf is of Lebanese origin, he graduated from BME, from the very same faculty, and he has been teaching at the Faculty ever since his graduation. His career demonstrates well the high value of the diplomas obtained at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and he is an excellent example of building a successful career in Hungary as an international student with a BME diploma. Professor Charaf welcomed the freshly graduated engineers, economists and managers saying that „as I greet you, I remember the moment when I arrived to Hungary, 35 years ago, to a world that was completely unknown to me and without a suitcase, because it was lost on my arrival. Even without a suitcase and despite the adventurous start, I have not forgotten that I came here to study, to learn, to make friends, to experience a new and different culture and to obtain a degree in engineering.” He asked the students for preserving their currently strong relationship with the BME and Hungary: „After graduation, I continued my studies as a doctoral student and then started to work as a research fellow at my alma mater. Based on a strong science education that we have inherited, we provide competitive knowledge and pass on the values and the demand for quality and dedication.”

„I recall the time when I had the pleasure to issue your admission letter couple of years ago and now it is an honor to celebrate your graduation together. You have a great degree, great diploma in your hands. You are now a graduate recognized all over the world, which you have achieved at the cost of persistent efforts. I can assure you that this degree is well recognized all over the world and with this degree you will stand anywherein any circumstances. What does this degree mean? Surely: knowledge, preparedness, experience, professional esteem.” – László Gergely Vigh, Director of International Education greeted the graduates.

On behalf of the BME Student Representation Union, Papp Bendegúz said a farewell message to the graduates. „You have struggled through all the challenges BME and life in Budapest have set you. It is a great feat that you have passed all the challenges and obstacles of our university. I hope you made many friends along the way. Cherish them, keep them, they will probably be one of your most valuable assets in the future.”

Haris Mehraj, graduate student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from India also addressed the celebrants and guests on behalf of the graduating students: “I recall my first day in Budapest whereby being a newbie to this community almost made me doubt my choice before long, though I fell in love with this beautiful city, its culture, the university, and the people around. Today I feel rich as I recount these two years. I learned that when we connect the dots of our experiences in life, they join to make something beautiful. I am a thousand miles away from home, but I feel connected to this world like never before. I have made friends from diverse cultures and in them, I found a family.”

Members of the Academic Procession arriving to the tune of Gaudeamus Igitur: Emília Csiszár, Vice Rector for International Affairs, Ákos Zoltán Németh, Director of BME Directorate of Student Services representing the Chancellery, Tamás Lovas Vice-Dean (Faculty of Civil Engineering), Csaba Hős Vice-Dean (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Ágnes Gyetvai Balogh Vice-Dean (Faculty of Architecture), Zoltán Hell University Professor (Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology), Hassan Charaf Dean (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics), Ádám Török Vice-Dean (Faculty of Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering), Ferenc Simon Vice-Dean (Faculty of Natural Sciences), Mária Szalmáné Csete, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences; László Gergely Vigh, Director of International Education and Bendegúz Papp, international and Erasmus representative of BME Student Representation Union.

The host of the ceremony was Eszter Mozsár, the administrative expert of the Rector's Cabinet.


Rector’s Office Communication Unit

Photo: B. Geberle