Üzleti kurzus Brazíliában ösztöndíjjal - jelentkezési határidő: július 7.

We wish to communicate to all students the opportunity to apply for Executive short-term programs, organized by Professor Ricardo Pitelli Britto and held at Americas Business School, located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Applicants are supported by an extensive scholarship program, covering up to 70% of the expenses of the chosen program. Organizers also provide all the support both before arrival, giving orientation about visa, transfers and accommodations, and during the trip, when assistant professors are on site and coordinating the mandatory and optional visits.

The courses are designed to take place during vacations, three-week programs are held in January and July, the courses include company visits, interviews with executives, lectures, seminars, group presentations and business simulations.

Interested candidates should contact the program assistant or reaching out Ms. Camila Depolito at camila.depolito@ibs-americas.com and request the Application Form.

The first step in order to apply for a scholarship is to fill out and submit the Application Form not later than July 7th, 2019, along with a resumé and and Enrollment Status letter issued by the university. There are a limited number of scholarships available. The evaluation of the application takes about one week, considering curriculum analysis. After that, the place will be available for one week for the completion of the enrollment process.
In case you are interested to receive an informational leaflet please contact me (Luca Lafferton) via e-mail: lafferton.luca@mail.bme.hu.