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Next session: March 14-22, 2020.

Things to know


Contact person:


Ms. Dóra Pivarcsi-Fekete 

Emergency number (once you are in Budapest): 





Accommodation prices: 8-20 EUR/person/night including breakfast


Average costs in Budapest:

beer (0.5 l) 1.5- 4.5 EUR

mineral water (0.33 l) 0.5-1.5 EUR

lunch (2-3 course meal) 7-15 EUR

Information about accommodation


Accommodation block booked at GoodMo House

Address: H-1084 Budapest, József utca 13.

Cost: 12-13 EUR/person/night including breakfast


Please note that this is only block booked, you need to make your own reservation through the booking form found HERE

Deadline for booking at GoodMo House: February 20, 2020


If you do not wish to use this option, or miss the deadline, you can find several other hostel or Airbnb options around Budapest.


Program of the courses




European Dimension Activity 

Mandatory programs:


March 14 (Saturday)

10:00 - City rally


March 16 (Monday)

9:00 - ATHENS week opening ceremony


March 20 (Friday)

15:00 - ATHENS week closing ceremony


Optional programs (not guided):


March 15 (Sunday) - National Holiday in Hungary!

Thermal baths in Budapest

Food & Drink tour


March 18 (Wednesday)

Pub evening


March 21 (Saturday)

Visit the Parliament building





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